WM Trade

What We DO?

WM Trade is dealing with import and export duties more than 7 years. Our location gives us many opportunities to cooperate with European suppliers and manufacturers as well as Asian. At the current time WM Trade is supplying motorcycles, spare parts, helmets, garments and accessories, electronics, photovoltaic panels and inverters.

Our experience in customs clearance, certification, distributing and launching new brands is our main asset. We are always searching for new products and ventures to cooperation.

Launching your product with our team will be successful and easy!

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Contact Us

WM Trade LLC.
236009 B. Okrugnaya, 3A
Kaliningrad, Russia
P: +7 4012 90 24 10
E: trade@westbuy.ru

Our projects

Moto garments distribution

From 2014 year we are official distributor of European brand SHIMA. We have built dealers network in more than 50 cities of Russia in just a few years.

NRG Spare parts

We are always working with demand of Russian market and developing only those products which is perfectly satisfy needs of the customers. This year we have started producing sintered and semi-metallic brake pads for ATV’s and we are going to increase assortment widely in 2018.

Photovoltaic equipment

We believe that the future is under the alternative energy and we do our best to make solar energy accessible for all kind of customers. WM Trade is supplying PV panels, inverters, lithium batteries from the main European and Asian manufactures.